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Next Generation Tournament and Game Film Productions


Best-In-Class Game Footage for the Midwest's Best Athletes. On The Run provides top tier game film from a high vantage point for a press box view of every game. Sideline footage and photos captured at each tournament will also be uploaded and available for download to make your players' highlight videos stand out among the crowd. We care about quality, and we want to help every player get the best film possible for their recruiting process.

All Games Filmed and shot BY

Lacrosse - Experienced

Videographers and Photographers


E   V   E   N   T   S

June 14 - 16

O'Fallon, IL

June 28 - 30

Rockford, IL

January 26 - 28
Libertyville, IL

June 3 - 4

Glen Ellyn, IL

June 8

Glen Ellyn, IL

October 28 - 29

Rockford, IL

November 11 - 12

Columbus, OH

July 14 - 16

Franksville, WI



As a member of the Team Illinois LC family, we have always aimed to provide the best film for our Team Illinois and East Ave players to use in their recruiting process. On The Run works to give our athletes the best film possible to stand out among the rest. We hold high standards for our equipment and staff, because it's more than just pointing a camera at a field. Check out our past events from the "EVENTS" section above.